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Gallery of Senior and Behavioral Health Residences

Assisted Living Lifestyles, Senior Living is equipped to offer assistance in selecting and evaluating senior living acquisition targets. Our industry experience and systematic approach to asset selection will help assure that good decisions are made from the start. Assisted Living Lifestyles can effectively help owners evaluate their particular project resulting in more cost effective and quicker decision making.

SAFE PLACE associated with our sobriety living brand, means we intentionally not publish address or contact number for our "Sober Living" property. Thus providing our guests the utmost respect of privacy and allowing them to recover without fear of unwanted publicity. Images and snap art posted are designed to offer the realm of staff qualification, but designed to protect identity given the complex nature of our clients and everyone's right to privacy. SAFE PLACE means everyone in recovery including staff sign nondisclosure agreements and the rest is learned upon arrival.

For more information about any of our sober living properties, please call the main number at 800.939.7216 or email

  • Miami-Dade

  • Central Broward/Beach

  • South Florida/Beach

  • Miami/Aventura Area

  • Typical Bedroom

  • PHP | IOP | OP

  • Broward

  • Palm Beach

  • NW Central Florida

  • South Florida/Memory Care

  • North Broward-Addiction Recovery

  • Independent Living

  • Stabilized asset for refi/resale Increased NOI from 12% to 31%

  • (Hollywood) Family Trust Available Asset? Acquisition Potential: AL/MC/CCRC - Call John Quintero, Acquisitions (888) 868-4565

  • (Hollywood) Startup Project 10% Occupancy to 95% Occupancy (11 months) Refi/Resale

Please note Gold Star properties below are turnaround projects. Our team has been successful in taking distressed sites and taking them from red to black in quick systematic results yield a healthy bottom line.

***Disclaimer: Helping You Make Better Choices***
We are not a licensed home health agency, case management or medical practice. We are a social service, educational outreach agency. We pair your needs with a network of independent private practice physicians/ caregiver providers, and help to navigate the healthcare system so you make better choices. We do NOT represent or intend to imply any type of ownership in these businesses. By no means is our network a representative of Doctors to Your Door or Assisted Living Lifestyles. We connect a network, not "recommend" a provider.

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