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Senior Living Community Education & Outreach
Inquisitive people usually attend our seminars. People who attend our lectures are curious wishing to discover, to learn of a subject or resource available. Our programs are anywhere from an hour to 2 days. We command an audience that is inspired and motivated to get more information by the conclusion of the subject matter. Our programs are usually well attended and are presentations of speakers who we have either recruited or they have recruited us looking for a venue that fits their business model.

At any of our lectures we always distribute collateral materials for the attendee. Handouts are furnished by the speaker and surveys are taken randomly. Meetings are held typically in a hotel or senior living or day care. Lectures presented by Assisted Living Lifestyles often times offer Continuing Education credits as well as complimentary refreshments.

Here are a list of approved client specific education (CSE) programs:

  • Geriatric Care Program
  • CPR Training
  • Sheltering Assets using Annuity Products
  • Monster behind Medicare
  • Veterans Benefits - Senior Living & Homecare
  • "The Upside of Downsizing"
  • Senior Volunteerism
  • Assisted Living Resource Expo
  • Public Benefits
  • Advantages of Senior Housing-Get the Facts!
  • Guardianship vs. Power of Attorney (7/2011 update)
  • Fall Prevention
  • Avoid Back Injury + Neurological Surgery
  • Tax Shelters & Credits
  • Neuropathy /Arthritis /Osteoporosis
  • The Continuum of Medicaid & Diversion Benefits
  • Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Lecture
  • Parkinson's - Doesn't Discriminate BY Ethnicity
  • Evergreen Memory Program: Orientation
  • Veterans: Aide & Attendance
  • Alzheimer Level I & Alzheimer Level II
  • Alzheimer's - Mom, Doesn't Know Who I Am?
  • Hydration and Hygiene
  • Workforce Retention - Working Smarter, Not Faster
  • Spousal Refusal & Denial
  • Meet the Expert - Panelist Forum
  • Nutrition & Acupuncture
  • Case About Documentation
  • Elopement & Healthcare Liability
  • Low Vision - No End in Sight
  • Cooking Demonstration for Ethnic Diets
  • Overcoming Caregiver Challenges
  • Parkinson's Awareness & Early Treatment Options
  • Children of the Holocaust - Surviving Life Atrocities
  • House Calls - Homebound Care Made Easy
  • Medicare Part D: Filling the Drug Doughnut Hole
  • Incontinent Care
  • Treatment Options for Glaucoma (in Spanish)
  • Guardianship & Alternatives

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