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Veterans/Financial Entitlement

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Merchant should apply for Aide & Attendance

Assisted Living Lifestyles, Senior Living has a vibrant program which works in tandem with the Veteran Administration to help qualified veterans apply for the Aide & Attendance a Federal program funded by the Veteran Administration. It is considered pension compensation for wartime or combat veterans. In 1953 the Veteran's Administration launched this program to help care for wartime Veteran's and their family members - in comparison to Long Term Care of today's era. If eligible, a Veteran their surviving spouse or disabled children may qualify to receive a monthly financial entitlement. Only those Veterans who served during a time of active war are eligible. Army, Navy, Marines, Merchant Marines, Air Core, Air Force, Covert, Seals are eligible. We employ a full time Veteran Service Officer to assist veterans in their application process as well as offer continuing education to the community on these vital benefits.

It is reported that $22 billion in committed each year toward this VA pension of which about $9 billion goes unclaimed...

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